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head to head

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Head to head collisions are part of every football game. In the past the general way of thinking was that if you wore a helmet you would be protected, but today that is just the opposite. Today’s athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster then our ancestors in the game. Kids today start lifting weights at a young age, and dedicate themselves to a sport. The game has changed and the way to make it safe may be to go back in time.

The NFL and NCAA are trying to protect athletes from the devasting head shots that are being delivered these days. The conference that is pushing for the change is the BIG 10. A famous coach from that conference is Joe Paterno and he remembers the days when players did not wear a facemask and he believes that the face mask is a weapon. Before the facemask was introduced, players did not lead with their heads. Since the facemask was introduced players are fearless and lead with their heads. Many people, including Joe P. believe that if you take away the facemask it will solve the problem of head to head contact.

As a football player, I have taken as well as handed out my fair share of head shots. The idea of taking away the facemask is very interesting. I know that if i didnt have a facemask I wouldn’t be as willing to go hit someone as hard as I can. However, I do dont believe it is the ultimate solution. While removing the facemask will limit the head injuries, it will allow for more facial injuries such as broken bones and chipped teeth. In my opinion we just need to learn how to make a better helmet. Injuries are part of the game and it is just something that comes with playing the game. There will always be injuries no matter what you do it is a contact sport.

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Boise #1?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Boise State is now getting the recognition it deserves. This week the pre-BCS poll was released. This is not the actual BCS, it is a guess in a way. The BCS is created from three sources. The first source is the coaches poll, the second is the associated press poll, and finally the third part is from a computer based system. Boise is in the top three in each of the first two sources. The BCS is a flawed system but right now it is working great for Boise State. Their season is in their own hands now, if they win the rest of their games they will play for a national title.

Boise State has had to very impressive wins so far this season they dominated both Virginia tech in the first game of the year and recently Oregon State. They will face one more stiff opponent on Nov 26, in Nevada. Nevada is also ranked and that game will most likely decide the conference champion. I have been a Boise fan the last several years. They are a very explosive team and are fun to watch. The players are well coached and always execute. Their coaches like to have fun and throw in the occasional trick play.

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West or East?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

West River vs East River; which is better? Well, in the sporting world, generally the East. The East river teams have won the majority of the State championships especially in football. Last year the only two West river teams to win a boys state championship were the St. Thomas More boys baseball team and the Winner Warriors football team. This year the tides may be changing for the football fans. West River now has several teams that are undefeated and are making statements; these teams include Pine Ridge, Stevens, Custer and St. Thomas More.

So far this year two teams, St. Thomas More and Stevens, have been ranked and also have beaten east river teams. This last weekend, Stevens defeated the #3 team in 11AA Sioux Falls O’Gorman. Stevens made a statement that they are for real and mean business. This week, they face another tough test in Sioux Falls Roosevelt. Roosevelt is the second best team in the state behind Washington, who Stevens will play later this season.

St. Thomas More is a west river school that has had some problems with east river teams. STM has made the trip to the state championship to face eastern opponents 5 of the last 6 years, and has yet to win. This year STM is 4-0 and has played an east river team and won. Like Stevens, STM has a tough test this week. STM is playing the defending 11B champions, the Winner Warriors, for Winner’s homecoming. Last year STM played Winner for STM’s homecoming and was upset in the 4th quarter. St. Thomas More is hoping to find the same kind of magic this year to beat the Warriors
With all of these good teams out west, you can not help but think one of them has what it takes to bring home a championship. Many West River fans are looking for a sweep of the 11 man football championships. In 11AA Stevens has a great team and has a chance of upsetting the Washington Warriors come play-off time. 11A is where St. Thomas More is hanging its hopes, they have felt defeat and know what it takes to make it to the big game. This year, they hope to end the season with a win. The defending 11B champs always have a great team and know what it takes to win. Even with their one loss this year, they will be a team to keep an eye on. West River football has a promising future and this year is just the beginning.

written 9-22-2010

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Does the BCS work?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Boise State is currently the third rated team in the nation, but most people don’t think they are very good. Boise plays in the WAC, western athletic conference, where most of their schedule consists of subpar teams. The last several years Boise has gone undefeated, yet was unable to compete for the national title. Boise is a very unique team. They play on a blue, turf field, they are a style point’s team and run up the score whenever it’s possible, and they are 4-1 against AP top 10 teams over the last 5 years. Does it seem fair to you that they are unable to compete for a national title with this kind of history? Our school has a similar reputation to Boise State. We play an easy schedule and get no respect from the rest of the state. I feel Boise State and STM are both great teams. They live a life as an underdog and always have to prove themselves. Due to Boise State and Utah’s injustice the last several years we can see that the BCS is a flawed system. I feel that a national playoff system as used by other sports and divisions is the correct course of action for continued fairness in collegiate sports.

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