It’s Not Just Football; West River is Bad In Volleyball Too.

Written by East River 1 on Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 11:35 am

West River sends one team, Harding County, to the Dome and we saw what happened to the undefeated “golden boy” team from out yonder. All six football championships go to East River as I predicted back in late August. One out of 12 possible teams make it to the dome.

Yesterday, West River brought that same competitive spirit to the volleyball scene. Rapid City Stevens falls to Yankton, The New York Yankees (St. Thomas) of the mighty Black Hills Conference got thumped by Sisseton, and Edgemont (hell no we don’t glow) takes a beating from Parker. West River starts the Volleyball Tournament out 0-3.

Hopefully West River will be good in the individual sports this winter like Wrastling, Snow Boarding, Pool, Darts, etc….



12 Responses to “It’s Not Just Football; West River is Bad In Volleyball Too.”

  1. Lightning Bug Says:

    Atleast west river has a thing called sportsmanship.

  2. Joe Says:

    haha…Love the wrastling photo

  3. Stevens Says:

    They lossed to washington in yankton…#$%^&**

  4. thinkitthru Says:

    Pretty weak to take jabs at a group of kids who are currently a rung below your side on the competitive ladder. Remember, there is always someone bigger, stronger and faster. I recently watched my nephew play in the Illinois state semi finals and believe me, east river football is light years behind competitively. It would be like a pit bull on a pussy cat. Anyway, you know how people make fun of the petty behavior of kids-sports parents? Screaming at little league umps and such. They’re talking about YOU. Enjoy your averageness.

  5. KS Says:

    The STM – Sisseton volley ball matches were very competitive. I would hardly call that a thumping.

  6. prairiedog Says:

    thinkitthru, don’t worry about it this guy never played a down of a football field or saw the court either. This is how he now makes himself feel better. Like H.S. sports isn’t about sportsmanship and life lessons, its about blowing up the ego of a never was.

  7. sports nut Says:

    Go back to Illinois and enjoy their football, we enjoy ours..
    The way the country is going I’m not sure I want to be lightyears ahead of anything..

  8. thinkitthru Says:

    To sports nut. I enjoy ours, too, and vastly prefer South Dakota to Illinois in every single way. I was making a point to someone writing a petty post. Compared to the Florida, Texas and California big school classes I’m sure Illinois is well behind them competitively. There’s always somebody bigger, faster and stronger. And whoever’s at the top of the food chain, they’re one bite from being taken over. Just don’t like cheap shots at the expense of young people.

  9. sports nut Says:

    tit, you have to consider that we have a very small population to what these States, Texas, Florida, California have.. Lots of kids to pick from and most of those kids play football almost year around.. It’s no difference then any sport, warm weather parts of the country provide about 85% of the best athletes.. If we are to compete with the climate rich athletes we’re going to have to get on some kind of different playing field…

  10. prairiedog Says:

    He’s not saying we have to compete, thats the point. Can’t we just let teh kids play? You seem to be okay with it interstate, so what’s wrong with just letting it go intrastate?

  11. thinkitthru Says:

    Thank you prairiedog, you get it. The old proverb seems to apply here…..For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.
    The matter is closed.

  12. Winner Warriors! Says:

    ok….the Winner Warriors are a great team! Some people may think we are suckish!…but we aren’t! For Volleyball, Sharee Galbraith is a great athlete and very good at everything she does! Kelli Norrid is a awesome outside hitter and if your on the other side of her serve, you may die. Kirby Bertram is a great outside hitter also! She is great at everything she does! and Chelsey Whitley is one of the greatest libros in south dakota! As for football, JD Farley has a great arm, and can throw very far! And Kyle Mathtis is a great player and a very smart player! YOU CAN’T JUDGE THE WINNER WARRIORS BECAUSE WE COULD BEAT YOU ANYDAY!! BRING IT ON!!

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