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Volleyball weekend 8/28

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

McLeod/Herman combo looks great for Stevens.  Congrats on their two impressive wins.  Many more likely to come.

Central off to a rocky start but got rid of the jitters after the first night.  Clearly showed their confidence the second night.

Should be a great showdown Thursday night between the two schools.  I’m thinking this buzzard is craving the red.

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Hills Buzzard

Weekend Football 8/28

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Congrats to Sturgis on a big victory.  History is history and this season start shows no signs of the past.  Great running game.

Stevens, wow well balance showing.   This may be a team to watch.  Could it be we have something for the Sioux Falls teams to come out and play?

Central,  no run,  no pass ?????

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Hills Buzzard

AA Hills Predictions

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

School is just around the corner and the best thing about that is preparing for the local sports teams to start a “hopefully” prosperous season and of course hauling the young’ens out of the nest and getting them back into their usual routine.

As I “BUZZ” around the area teams, I ask myself which ones could be the “local powerhouse” in football, volleyball, cross country, golf and tennis.  I am “buzzard” so some teams attract me more than others.
For now my buzzard ways have to go with:
Boys’ Cross Country–let’s say it will be fun flying around observing Central and Stevens scrap.
Girls’ Cross Country– I’m going with a new flavor, Sturgis
Football—Stevens has some muscle

Boys’ Soccer- Stevens

Girls’ Soccer- Stevens has a great core back but watch out for Spearfish-they liked their post season.
Volleyball–Gotta go with a highly motivated Central even though Stevens has some powerhouse hitters coming back.

Have I raised some eyebrows?  I certainly hope so.

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