Class 11B Monster Player of the Year? You Decide!

Written by SportsBuzzard 1 on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 5:05 am

Over the course of the next few days we will be releasing our Monster Players of the Year (POTY) for each of the six football classes.  As always, there were some hanging chads during the balloting. Once the smoke cleared, and cooler heads prevailed, the buzzards all agreed on the each class’ Monster POTY, with one exception, namely Class 11B.

The Cooler Heads at the Buzzard POTY balloting.

So, we decided to use our über scientific poll to determine the Class 11B POTY.

The three Class 11B POTY candidates are as follows:

Austin Moser—Winner Warriors: The 205 lb Junior lineman for the Warriors was a force both ways for the purple and gold.  Moser averaged 7.3 tackles per game this season.

Josh Rogers—Stanley County Buffaloes: Rogers played with a ton of heart, played both ways, led the Buffs back into respectability. Big game? Rogers always seemed to rise to the occasion.  Rogers had 535 yards rushing and 813 yards passing this season.

Ryan Risse—Bennett County Warriors: The 6’2” 200 lb Risse was a complete horse this season, and was the guiding force behind the Warriors offensive line and linebackers.

17 Responses to “Class 11B Monster Player of the Year? You Decide!”

  1. Jose Cuervo Says:

    Was Ryan Risse a thorough bred stalion or palamino pony?

  2. sports nut Says:

    Hey there Buzzard is this from out West River only ??

  3. BHWarrior10 Says:

    Ryan Risse is the total package for a football player!

  4. Johna Hernandez Says:

    Go Ryan Risse!

  5. SRISSE Says:

    RYAN RISSE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Po Says:

    If you look up Ryan Risse in the Dictionary you will find it under the word “Beast”

  7. SportsBuzzard 1 Says:




  8. Allison Says:

    Ryan Risse is a for sure thing!

  9. VegasGold Says:

    I see the Martin folks have spoken. I’m sure Ryan is a great athlete but playing that schedule, I’d like to see what the other 2 boys would have done.

  10. ER#1 Says:

    RISSE….Palimino Pony :)

  11. WEIGHT FREAK Says:

    Ryan Risse is a man. He leads,encourages,and dominate by his actions on the field. Lets just say he knows how to handle his buisness.

  12. The game Says:

    Austin Richey from Winner.
    Freiz from Mobridge-Pollock

  13. bandgeek Says:

    austin richey- winner
    austin moser- winner

  14. NDivan Says:

    Risse all the way, he is a leader on and off the field. A tackling machine.

  15. sportslady Says:

    Ryan Risse is a unique player that looks out for the team. He started varsiety his first game as a freshman and never missed a game all four years of his highschool career. He lead the BC Warriors all four years in tackles. He can play both offensie and defense!!!! Ryan all the way!

  16. sports Says:

    Sports buzzard, how long before the 11B Monster player of the year is determined?

  17. Winner Warriors! Says:

    Your all wrong…it is Kyle Mathis from Winner and Dylan Donahue!

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