I’m Damn Mad and I’m Just Not Gonna Take it Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

After three days of pleading with SB1 to drop his eggs into his sack I have had enough!

The matchups are there and it is time to bring East River #1 back online! I know nobody likes him very much but, now is when we need him. I defy any of you to tell me when his drivel was inaccurate? The supposed “poll” that SB1 put up so all you Lilly’s could vote him off the forum was rigged from the begining! Sb1 just got tired of moderating your comments. The easy way off the hook……………rig a poll!!!!!

I know that ER#1 has written some kind of letter begging to be brought back into the fold. Let me help you out there buddy, no need for a letter.

I have had Gazlo on the case for about a week and we are prepared to file suit against the Buzzards for crimes against, not only South Dakota state law (SDCL 37-24-11), but against the very constitution of the United States (U.S. Const. Am. I; Const. Art. 6,~ 5).

 Sb1 has, unilaterally, deprived ER#1 of his right to free speech and all of the rest of us to his wisdom and foresight when it comes to growing corn and high school athletics.

The gaunlet has been thrown, SB1. You either take the “Ban”off of ER#1 by 8 AM CST (corn time) 10/30/2010 or me, Gazlo, and ER#1 are going to own your piddly little website and the $1399.00 that you go backwards every month!

Respectfully submitted,


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