I see that ER1 has really missed me

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Please excuse my lack of posting recently. I have just been getting adjusted to life on the less athletically gifted side of the state. So far, I have noticed significant humidity, a lack of hills, and a lot of cornfields. I now see why ER1 always has his panties up in a bunch. Living on the bad side of the river probably left him with a pent up anger due to jealousy of the athletically superior West River.
This year, the elite teams in 11-man football are all from the West River. Stevens continues to impress and will have their statewide coming out party after making quick work of O’ Gorman this week. Tommy More passed their only East River test with flying colors after beating up on Vermillion. Winner losing to Mobridge-Pollock definitely left me scratching my head, but I see this as a wake up call for Winner. With all of these teams, the best is yet to come!

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